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Our Annandale chiropractors provide the best in sports medicine care. We know that the place you don't want to be, whether in organized sports or the local running park, is on the sidelines.

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine is a medical specialty that includes all the treatments and procedures used to prevent, diagnose and treat injuries related to sports activities or which may interfere with sports or physical activities. Sports medicine is used to treat all types or athletes in all levels of participation, from casual weekend athletes to student-athletes and professional athletes. Sports medicine can also help athletes at all levels improve performance as well as those who are recovering from injury.

When Should I Seek Professional Treatment?

People should seek professional help for sports injury when:

  • an injury causes prolonged swelling, unusual numbness, or severe pain
  • weight cannot be tolerated in the area of injury
  • a past injury becomes swollen and painful
  • a longtime sore joint shows new signs of weakness

What Are Some of the Common Injuries Treated With Sports Medicine?

Achilles tendonitis - Achilles tendon injuries are often the least treated and yet most common overuse injuries seen in recreational sports. The Achilles tendon is connective tissue that can be injured due to lack of flexibility in the calf muscles. While on a few occasions, an Achilles tendon might be ruptured and require referral to an orthopedic doctor, the majority of Achilles problems are due to non-ruptured injuries. A simple test done by a sports medicine doctor can determine which is the case each individual patient.

Herniated disc - Spinal decompression is the therapy of choice by sports medicine doctors. This procedure slowly expands the distance between vertebrae, creating negative pressure within a disc. That negative pressure allows disc material to draw back inside of the disc while increasing blood flow. The outer layers can then start creating new cartilage fibers. The major advantage is that a disc lesion heals without having to resort to surgery.

Shin splints - Also known as lateral tibial stress syndrome, this is the most common type of injury in the lower leg, in particular for runners. Shin splints generally create pain along the medial border of the tibia into the foot. This condition not only creates pain but weakness, which may prevent a person from running or even walking. Shin splints are routinely treated with chiropractic therapy with great success. We also consult with patients on the type of running shoes and exercise that help prevent future shin splints.


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