Chiropractic Annandale VA Weight Loss and Nutrition

Our Annandale chiropractors can help you lose the weight you want. Does weight loss feel like a curse? Even when you have the research and you know all the myths about weight loss. Even when you avoid fast track weight loss programs like the plague, because you know they’re not natural, unhealthy, and unsustainable.

No matter how you try, you know something is missing from your routine, something that can change it all? What about nutrition? Does it feel like a burden? Does all the evidence-based research make eating burdensome, and unenjoyable?

Even with all the scientific eating instruments (tables, calorie counters, and schedules). Even with all the restraint and caution, you find yourself unable to maintain a healthy eating schedule, or healthily burn and manage enough calories?

No matter how much you try, the nutritious food, somehow simply slips from your grasp.

WE UNDERSTAND THE Weight Loss ORDEAL in Annandale

We know that the answer lies in creating a bespoke weight loss plan and nutrition for each person, individually by assessing their requirements, their ability, their habits, and their routine.

At Capitol Rehab of Annandale, we are dedicated to helping you take complete control over your health by finding the right journey. We are committed to guiding you so that you can gain healthy body weight and sustain it with healthy nutrition.

We believe that the body is capable of great feats - naturally regulating your weight is just one of them.

Hence, we do not starve people in the name of burning more calories than your body uses. Our nutritionists are committed to assessing your body type, current routine, schedule, and habits and gradually building your ability to healthily burn fat and regulate weight.


At Capitol Rehab of Annandale, we offer the complete spectrum of nutrition and weight management diagnostic, consultancy, and treatment services. Our team of qualified and exceptionally talented and dedicated professionals specializes in nutrition education. They are committed to individually diagnosing patients, creating a holistic health program, and then working with them to build the traction needed to set them on the right track.


At Capitol Rehab of Annandale, every patient is assured the finest quality of services, receiving highly individualized attention. This mitigates a possible lapse to older routine, minimizes risks, and maximizes results. Additionally, our qualified professionals pay close attention to various medical conditions that may be a result of inadequate or poor nutrition.

We view nutrition as part of a bigger health care program. Hence, we always create a holistic picture of the patient’s lifestyle, health, and routine before planning a weight management and nutrition program.

Once we have created a bespoke program, we match it with a dedicated support plan that will offer them the support and guidance needed to face impediments and to break through to the next step in their journey.

Finally, we never propose short-cuts or fast track weight loss programs. We are committed to aiding patients naturally gain complete control over their health.

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